Blip, Hulu, Vevo and Devour are coming to Chromecast

Disruptive technology has never looked more sexy!
For us living in the YouTube world, this comes as a very happy surprise 🙂


Google’s (s GOOG) new smart TV dongle Chromecast is getting more love from video publishers: Blip, Hulu, Vevo and Devour all have pledged to add Chromecast functionality to their platforms. But Google (s GOOG) may not actually be ready to add too many apps just yet.

Chromecast was announced last week with only a small line-up of native apps supporting the platform: Right now, Chromecast users can beam media from apps for Netflix, (s NFLX) YouTube, Google Play Movies and Google Play Music to the streaming stick. A number of other publishers, including AOL (S AOL) and Pandora, (S P) will soon follow and, as we reported earlier this week, Vimeo, HBO and Redbox Instant were also preparing to launch on Chromecast.

Now you can add a bunch of new names to that list: A Blip spokesperson told us Thursday that the video platform is definitely adding support for Chromecast…

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