It’s WCUS!

Hello fellow blog readers and writers! It’s about time for the biannual update here 😂

WordCamp US is this weekend. It’s in St Louis, which is a lovely town! Come on out to join in on the fun if you’re in the area:

You can find me here:

  • At our #GrowYourMeetup workshop on Friday Morning in the Community track
  • At the Get Involved booth Saturday Morning
  • Dancing around everywhere!

I have some Canadian swag (both WP and non-WP), a few rare Wapuus, and am giving away free hugs and selfies all weekend. Come say hi!

I hope your WordPress and Life adventures are going well. Leave a comment if they are, or leave a comment with your challenges and I’ll reply with either advice or a meme, whichever you’d like!

Peace and Love,



If you only watch one talk this year, make it this one.

I gave a talk at WordCamp Montreal 2014 about fear: the power that it has over many aspects of my life, and what I do to try and tame it during my workday.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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Dear Automattic,

He articulates this in a way I can’t, but I feel very similar.

NaNoWriMo 2013: Want to Write a Novel?

Have you ever wanted to write a novel?

Well now’s your chance!
November is National Novel Writing Month!

I’ll be participating. Will you? Let me know!
Can’t wait to read everyone’s amazing November creations 🙂 News

It’s just a few days until November, and you know what that means: National Novel Writing Month, better known ’round these parts as NaNoWriMo, is near.

Have you always wanted to write a novel?

We know some of you have been waiting all year for this month! For those of you who are new to this project, here’s the gist:

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#WCTO2013 – WordCamp Toronto 2013

Lots of learning and happy typing at WordCamp Toronto!
Lots of learning and happy typing at WordCamp Toronto!

Another fantastic WordCamp has happened, this time in Toronto, Canada!

Wait, what’s a  WordCamp?

You may be asking, “Meagan, What are these WordCamps you keep talking about?”

A WordCamp is a fun, friendly, accessible, and affordable unconference where one can learn pretty much everything about using WordPress to create websites. From technical support through to marketing advice, and everything in between – if it’s related to the web, you’ll find it at WordCamp!

Each WordCamp is different based on the needs of each city’s community. Check out the Official WordCamp Website for a more detailed explanation and to see a list of the known upcoming WordCamps around the world. And check back often, as WordCamps are always being created!


This past weekend I spoke at WordCamp Toronto 2013, aka #WCTO2013. This year it was a 2 day event, jam-packed with great speakers and hands-on workshops. As a result of the ever-growing Toronto WordPress community, Humber College’s Lakeshore Campus became the venue host. And what a lovely location indeed – take a look at how gorgeous and happy this Happiness Bar was:

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That's one happy Happiness Bar! #wcto2013

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Happiness Bars are one of my favourite WordCamp features. The sheer Happiness that comes from people finding a solution to a long-standing problem, or having an answer to a question that has bugged them for months, is so very inspiring. Taking a picture of that exact moment is a challenge for even the most skilled photographers, but I encourage you to explore the Flickr pool and see those moments of happiness for yourself!

This year, 4 concurrent tracks were offered for Day One: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Watusi (a grab bag for those hard-to-classify offerings). One is free to attend any session they desire – you do not have to stay in one track all day. In fact, you can learn quite a bit by diving into the deep end and attending a session completely foreign to you.

As is tradition, the Afterparty was filled with engaging discussion, entertaining dancing, and enjoyable company. Did I mention the adorable snacks? They had those too! You know what they say – never leave a WordCamp without at least making an appearance at the Afterparty 😉

The real magic happened on Day Two, a day filled with interactive panels, workshops, and classes of all kinds. As most of you know I’m a big fan of interactive communication, so it was with great pleasure that I joined my fellow WordPress speakers on the Marketing and Blogging panel. Not only was the discussion engaging and entertaining, filled with tips and tricks of all kinds, but many laughs and smiles were shared as well! Following this,  Ruth Maude of Dandelion Web Design and I hosted the Drop In Website Clinic, where audience members submitted their website and received constructive feedback from those in the room. With such great diversity in website designs/purposes/audiences, every participant walked away with ideas and inspiration for taking their own projects to the next level!

Slides, Handouts, Et Cetera

The slides for my talk, “DIY Or Have It Made? Here’s How To Decide!” are available here on Slideshare. This presentation offers an overview of the entire website creation process and lists the many roles and responsibilities involved. Of course, not every site needs every role and responsibility, but it’s a good list to pick from when starting your own project.

Sidenote: the slides mention a handout – it’s a limited-print zine (you know me, I was feeling creative!). Thankfully there are 30+ people with it in their hands, if you really want the handout, find one of those people and ask nicely for a copy! (Hint, try using the #WCTO2013 tag on Twitter.) As a bonus, I guarantee that by doing this, you’ll make a great WordPress friend, quite possibly even an accountabilibuddy 🙂

Sadly, you can’t get a copy of our little WordPress Ukelele Jam. That was a very limited-time performance for those in the room that day… or at least I didn’t record it!

What’s Next?

And with our little community song left playing in my mind, my Ontario WordCamp Tour 2013 draws closer to an end. But fret not, my Pressy friends! Planning for WordCamp Ottawa 2014 is already underway, and I’m pleased to be contributing my skills in bringing it to you next year. Connect with the WordPress Ottawa Group on Facebook to stay in the loop!

I hope to see you there, at many other WordCamps around the world, and online with blog posts and other communications! Remember – while WordCamp might end, the friendships you make and inspiration you gain can live on forever, if you believe and keep the spirit alive 🙂

Small Business Q&A Panel at #wcgr

Do you know about WordCamp? It’s a pretty cool thing! I highly recommend you check it out, but then again I’m completely biased, so consider that too 🙂

Feel free to share any WordCamp memories in the comments below 😀

Why free-to-play app pricing is so effective, and what you can do about it

Many lessons can be found at the intersection of Games and Social. Makes sense, right – the two are so related!

Enjoy this exploration of economics, technology, and our simple yet honest desire to be happy 🙂


It should come as no surprise that free-to-play gaming has become a huge financial success in mobile gaming. Free-to-play (FTP) in the iTunes App Store refers to any iOS game that allows gamers to download a game without paying up front. In fact, 82 of the top 100 grossing games on the iPhone are currently FTP. And of the 18 games that you do have to pay for, only 5 titles do not offer any sort of in-app purchases. These 13 games are what are sometimes referred to as pay-to-play (PTP) games.

That leaves only 5 games in the current list of top 100 grossing games relying on their initial sale price alone for revenue. How are these FTP games making it to the top of this list? It is the sale ofvirtual goods through in-app purchases that is driving revenue for the top iOS games.

Growing opportunity for…

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Photos: The nine-story Tokyo office building that’s also a farm

Here’s a great idea for social sharing – bring the fun of farming to the office!

Speaking from personal experience – this works 😉

Another zany idea from Japan or something you’d be integrated to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Why do videos go viral on Twitter?

All we know is we don’t know anything!

Social is magical 🙂


If you were wondering how and why videos go viral, Twitter has the answer for you — it doesn’t really know. “There are no rules to “virality” — while some ignite, and spread like wildfire across the web, the growth of others is much more measured, like ripples spreading across a lake,” the company wrote in a blog post Monday. Bottom line: after all these years, content popularity on the internet is like playing the lottery — hey, you never know!

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7 stories to read this weekend

Looking for a fun weekend read? Consider one of these fine recommendations curated by GigaOM.

Which one is your favorite? I’ll come back and add mine in a few hours, I hope you do too!


As summer has gained momentum, I have found a little more time to read and as such have added more variety to the mix. Here are seven recommended stories for this weekend.

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